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Some of the finest and most passionate teachers

Choosing Kipina was one of the easiest tasks we’ve ever done for our daughter. And we’re the kind of parents who spend countless hours surfing the Internet, compiling lists of pros and cons, and taking numerous days off work to take tours at potential nurseries for our daughter. The decision was made easily to send our daughter, Hala to Kipina.
They have a guided educational system built around Finland’s success story, exceptional management, and some of the finest and most passionate teachers and teaching assistants we’ve ever met!

At Kipina, we found the support that we needed for Hala – both management and teachers worked closely with us for as long as it took to make the transition possible. Now, Hala is living in her wonderland 🙂 a true inspirational and motivational environment where children learn about the world around them! We receive weekly schedules on Sundays updating us on what the next 5 days will bring. This is a detailed table for every activity and its expected outcome for each child. Kipina has a very intentional approach for teaching, yet spontaneity is felt and encouraged throughout the day. From building a city out of cardboard boxes to meeting Mr. fireman and his cool truck to the Book Fair experience and her first Halloween party, Hala experiences new adventures every day at Kipina and she’s not short of vocabularies (that she learned at the nursery) to describe them! On top of that, Kipina offers Arabic, Music and Enrichment classes soon where you can sign up your child for Karate, Yoga and Ball Skills.

Fulham & Hana Swaidan

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A great team, friendly and trustworthy

Kipina has a great team,friendly and trustworthy,it’s a wonderful experience for my daughter who has become more confident and has made great friends.

Khadija Taib

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Shamsa is thrilled every morning when we reach the nursery

I wasn’t sure at the beginning to put my 4 month old daughter at a nursery. I was grateful to find Kipina at the last minute, even though the nursery was new, I was confident to put Shamsa in the nursery from the first meeting with the staff. The staff seemed loving, experienced and most importantly the atmosphere felt like a second home for her. During the time Shamsa stayed in the nursery she grew so much and learned many things which I didn’t expect 10 month baby will reach. She is thrilled every morning when we reach the nursery and the teacher assistant welcome her every morning. Shamsa made friends at her class which eased in gaining social skills when we are at family gathering or out in public. I really great full for such experience which am sure I will repeat with her other siblings in the future.

Shamma Al Kaili, Mom of Shamsa, Baby Room

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We are already planning on sending her baby sister there!

We chose Kipina as the nursery for our two year old daughter because we were convinced that she would learn a lot while having fun. One thing that truly sets Kipina apart from the other nurseries is the range and relevance of topics that are covered weekly with the kids. This includes subject such as recycling, hygiene or how to interact with others which are introduced to them in an exciting way while giving them a chance to express themselves. It seems that no second day is the same!

Marie and Harold, Mother and Father of Mia in our 2-3’s class

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A loving, caring, and safe environment

We enrolled at KIPINA on January 2015 when William was 17 months old. It took me 3 months to look the nursery that was suitable for William. William is sensitive and spoiled and can be difficult to handle during feeding time. We put him in KIPINA to let him learn to be with other kids. 8 months has already passed and William has grown and matured into an amazing and independent boy. The progress William has made since his enrollment has been most impressive and heartwarming. They have instilled educational and social values in William.

Dewi Novita Sandra, Mother of William, Kipina’s Toddler Class

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My kids have developed tremendously

‘I was so excited when I first heard about Kipina opening in Abu Dhabi. The prospect of being able to send my kids to a nursery reflecting Finnish teaching philosophy where nurturing the curiosity of children is key was almost too good to be true! Both my kids, Nayla 2.5 and Leo 1, love going to Kipina in the mornings and have developed tremendously both socially and in terms of skills since starting. What I appreciate most of all, however, is the flexibility the opening hours offer to working parents and the responsiveness and approachability of the management. I truly feel my kids are in good hands.

Annina Mattsson – Mother of Nayla 2-3’s class and Leo, Toddler Class

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My son is thriving in their care

The Kipina family has been such a big support to me and my family. After being home with my son for 6 months, I was very apprehensive about leaving him in a nursery. The integration week was a huge help to us both, and the lovely staff have been great at communicating what he’s doing every day. I love reading his daily activities book and picking up his art work. He is breast fed on demand and I wasn’t sure how well he would do taking a bottle and in a new environment. With the support of the Kipina staff, we have been able to pace feed my son at nursery and he is doing amazingly well. The staff has been so supportive and my son is thriving in their care

Kira Turner

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A great job keeping babies happy, clean, fed, entertained

When we first came to see Kipina on its second day of opening, we absolutely loved how the place looked and felt. Spacious, a lot of natural light, wooden floors, nice wall colors. We really wanted this place to become like a second home for our baby and it has. In the last one term my baby has grown with Kipina and went through a lot of stages in his development. Teaching staff in the baby room does a great job keeping babies happy, clean, fed, entertained and paying attention to their individual needs. Every week we receive the baby’s program and every day they come up with some amazing arts and crafts activity, read books, sing songs. When he joined he was a purely breastfed baby, now he eats a range of healthy foods and also accepts a bottle. The safe baby room environment allows him to move around and practice his rolling/sitting/crawling/standing. It’s amazing how babies interact with each other every day, something we can’t re-create at home. And last, but not least, all of this was key for my smooth returning back to work after 5 months of maternity leave. Thank you, Kipina, and we look forward to growing with you!

Saltanat Yersaiyn, Mother of Jandos, Baby Room

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I see a change in Dalia at the end of every week

When we were looking for a Nursery for Dalia, we had several points in choosing a nursery and whenever we checked a nursery there was always something we didn’t like. We met Lynn and she took us for a tour around, we immediately had no doubt that Kipinä is what we were looking for. From Extended hours all year around, transparent fees/easy payment structure, Scandinavian setup to Finland’s educational method, we liked everything. Once Dalia joined the nursery, we knew we made the right decision. The Nursery’s staff are very loving and warm. Dalia loves going to nursery every day and it really make us at ease knowing she is well taken care of. Every week Kipinä has a theme for the kids and I frankly see a change in Dalia at the end of every week. We see a change from behavior perspective, hygiene, playing and education… Dalia enjoys learning things in a fun loving environment. We would warmly recommend Kipinä and say thank you.

Guhara Al Ozaibi, Mother of Dalia, Kipina’s Toddler Class

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Open and nurturing atmosphere

We have been very happy with our decision to enroll our son, Mikail, in Kipina. Previously, our son had been enrolled in other nurseries in Abu Dhabi and he simply was not happy. It was a constant struggle to get him to go to the nursery. However, since joining Kipina, he has been the one eager to get to the nursery every morning. His joy in attending Kipina every day has translated into an increased interest in learning. We have noticed a general increased curiosity and enthusiasm for reading. I credit Kipina’s open and nurturing atmosphere in stimulating our son’s love of learning.

Hyun Jang Meeran, Mom of Mikail, 3-4’s Class

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We are very happy with Kipina

We moved over from the UK in early May and Eleeza started attending Kipina within the first week. We felt that by attending a structured nursery setting she would settle better and the transition of moving to a new country made easier. We have been very happy to see that Eleeza has transitioned very well and is a very happy little girl! This is in part due to the love, care and understanding she receives at Kipina. She has also started interacting with the children and is always happy to go to nursery. This is the best reassurance for any parent! We are very happy with Kipina – they focus on the child’s individual development and take time to know and understand each personality. The interaction with adults and working with each other is also very evident”

Ami Khan, Mom of Eleeza, 2-3’s Class