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Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä

Accelerated Learning

Certified Trained Team.
Easy transition into School
Low Child to Teacher ratios.
Guided interactive program.
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä

Inspiring Nurturing Environment

Safe, hygienic and eco-friendly.
Fosters imagination and creativity.
CCTV and safety monitoring systems.
Builds confidence and character through play.
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä

Support for Parents

Open all year.
Early drop off, late pick up.
Dedicated licensed onsite Nurse.
Free Mobile App.
Transparent fees.

Finland leads the world in Early Childhood Education

It’s a fact – Finland rates as one of the best education systems in the world. Educators know it, but parents are often surprised to find out. In PISA scores Finland consistently performs better than all European countries (including the UK), out-performing the US too.


Kipina takes the best of what Finland has to offer, and improves it even further with up-to-the-minute teaching practices based on scientific research and structured learning through focused instruction – making it easy for kids to transition into any school. We combine play based learning with small class sizes, safe, clean and clutter free environments to give your child an amazing experience.

Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä

Our 'Enhanced Finland' Curriculum

Six Key Areas Of Child Development

Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä
Cognitive Development through Exploration and Play
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä
Cultural Awareness and Diversity
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä
Relationships and Character Development
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä
Physical Development & Wellness Awareness
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä
Literacy, Communication & Language


Tips & Advice from our Academic Director

September 7, 2019
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä

Kipinä Baku Opens Fully Subscribed

The first Kipinä in Baku has opened (September 2019) and is already fully subscribed. The preschool will deliver Kipinä’s international preschool program in English, Azerbaijani and […]
July 25, 2019
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä

First of 3 New Kipinä Preschools Opens in Morocco

The first Kipinä Preschool in Morocco has just opened following successful training of teachers in Finnish preschool pedagogy. The teachers were trained and certified through Häme […]
July 25, 2019
Tunisia – Tunis Kipinä

10 Kipinä Preschools Partnership with ILA Vietnam

Kipinä, the fastest growing international preschool brand featuring our proprietary Enhanced Finland curriculum will join forces with ILA Vietnam to launch 10 new Kipinä preschools throughout […]