May 13

Genesis College Bucharest Will Open New Kipinä Kindergarten in 2021


Genesis College Bucharest Will Open New Kipinä Kindergarten in 2021

Bucharest follows Timisoara making it the second city in Romania to launch a Kipinä kindergarten.

Kipinä currently operate in 16 countries and 7 languages.

Founded 20 years ago, Genesis College was the first private school to be accredited in Bucharest.

Genesis received full accreditation from the Romanian Ministry of Education for all pre-school, primary and secondary education cycles. Their educational process follows the national curriculum, enhanced with an extensive Enrichment program.

Genesis is in the process of being accredited by the International Baccalaureate organisation for the Primary Years Programme, covering the preschool and primary cycle, and the Middle Years Programme, covering the secondary cycle.

As part of the transition the kindergarten teachers at Genesis who are already experienced will receive additional post-graduate level training through Kipinä’s university partners – Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

“Our motivation for the Kipinä curriculum is that we believe that the future of education is developing competences for learning how to learn and motivation for lifelong learning. We hope that the internationalised Finnish framework will help us, as educators, to improve our ability and competence on the journey for developing the thinking and reasoning of our children together with a holistic environment that strives for equity over excellence,” says Genesis Founder and President Ioana Necula.

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