Certified Trained Team.
Easy transition into School.
Low Child to Teacher ratios.
Guided interactive program.


Safe, hygienic and eco-friendly.
Fosters imagination and creativity.
CCTV and safety monitoring systems.
Builds confidence and character through play.


Open all year.
Early drop off, late pick up.
Dedicated licensed onsite Nurse.
Free Mobile App.
Transparent fees.


Check what our parents say about us

It is nothing compared to the efforts made towards our children and the look of love in my son’s eyes when he talks about his teachers especially “Miss Hala - and how 5 school days is not enough. There is nothing comparable to what you do, so that we, as parents, can be reassured that our children are in safe hands. I can’t thank you and
your staff enough for making my son love school.

Zain's Parent

Our daughter Jana who is 20 months old has been going to Kipina for 2 months and is loving it. Seeing our daughter happy to go to school every day means everything to us.

She has created a beautiful bond with her
teachers and staff.

The facility is impressive with its comforting calm muted colours and access to natural light promoting calmness and concentration. Not to mention the spectacular hygiene of Kipina which leaves us parents reassured.

We appreciate the teacher-parent
transparency, as well as receiving daily updates and pictures/videos of Jana carrying out activities. Teachers are continuously being trained in providing the best to the children which is something we encourage
and admire.

All in all we are happy to have Jana at Kipina and are very grateful for all the efforts her teachers and staff put in.

Jana's parent

Kipina is clean, warm and welcoming. I’m always up to date with what Noor is getting and communication between staff and parents is excellent.  Staff are so friendly and always helpful. The setting,  the
classrooms and garden and the activities Noor is getting are amazing. Noor is developing really well I’m so satisfied with Kipina.

Noor’s Parent,

I just want to thank you for the great summer camp. I loved the activities and Youssef was so happy. He's appreciating Arabic culture and words more now ... You are brilliant!

Youssef Ageel - Parent

A review can never do this school justice! As a mother, I love this school for my child for the following reasons:
- The beautiful, tidy, clean and calming interior of the school.
- The responsiveness of the admins
- Their high standards when hiring even if it meant some rotation of staff members.  I appreciate how they constantly strive to be up to par for the sake of our kids and the parents.
- Their kind hearted teachers and nannies with infinite patience
- Their no sugar policy
- Their rich curriculum
- They allowed me a transition period where I could hang around my kid until she was fully adjusted!
- They allow kids freedom to play and explore which has been hard for me to find in other schools that just rush kids through activities and allow minimum play time.
- The school was built to accommodate children in every sense! Vs. the
schools that were houses turned into schools.
- The diversity of nationalities found in the school from staff to students!
- Their easy to use app that has daily updates of the child (pictures, activities,
milestones, bathroom visits etc)
- The small number of children per class which allows for a higher capacity to each child by the teachers
- Their communication channels are well structured and not overwhelming for me as a busy working parent!
- Their school is two semesters based which is so much more convenient
than the 3 semesters system. They also don’t have the frequent long weekends that I find inconvenient in other schools.
I have nothing negative to say honestly other than how they’ll ruin any other school experience for you because nothing will be up to par. They’re as good as could be and their minor flaws are quickly addressed and dealt with and they are just good people in general.

Sereen Zaini/ Ascia’s Mom

We would like to inform you that we are so happy with Kipina. Kanz enjoys going to Kipina every morning. She loves her teacher, nanny, and her friends. We never regretted the decision we took for Kanz to attend Kipina. We highly recommend Kipina for our friends and anyone who asks us about a nursery.

Kanz's parent

Balanced Learning

Play-based, guided learning, with lots of physicality, dramatic play and imagination blended with one-on-one time in Focused Instruction and combined with 21st Century Skills, Executive Functioning Skills, numeracy and literacy means your child is prepared for entry into any big school.

Healthy Food

We think about diet and see this as the perfect age to encourage children to make healthy, life-affirming food choices. That means we have a no sugar policy and we also keep an eye on allergens. We provide healthy snacks and celebrate birthdays with fruit cakes.


We think about the planet, the environment, water, crops, animals and insects and we include eco-championing in all our domains to encourage children to re-use, re-purpose, recycle and respect.

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