Our teachers communicate in real time and keep you updated

  1. 1
    Check kids in / out
  2. 2
    Take & Send photos in real time
  3. 3
    Make & Send videos in real time
  4. 4
    Share documents
  5. 5
    Add & Share voice notes
  6. 6
    Add text to photos and videos
  7. 7
    Track 250+ skills indicators
  8. 8
    Send Progress Tokens
  9. 9
    Send Mood Emoticons
  10. 10
    Report Daily Health Activities

Our teachers  send photos, videos, voice notes, documents - all live, in real time from their Teacher App directly to your Mobile App.

They also share details on your child's mood, meals, bathroom activities, and naps.

Cutting down on paperwork and saving administration time for our teachers means they have more time to spend engaged and guiding your child.

Lesson plans from our Enhanced Finland Curriculum are embedded in our Teacher's app and are used to easily track hundreds of developmental skills.