Kipinä is a leading international preschool brand that works from the foundation of the Finnish National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education & Care to make it suited for countries outside Finland.

We have launched preschools in dozens of countries around the world, developing amazing academic curricula, lesson plans, resources and tools, and training hundreds of teachers in applying the Finland-based curricular foundation to everyday teaching and learning.     .

We started with what we know best -the most celebrated education system in the world - Finland. Then from the short broad statement curriculum guide issued by government authorities we designed, developed and tested six detailed curricula for various age groups (Birth to 6 years) and more than 200 weekly lesson plans.

We added focused instruction methodology and 21st century skills (the 4 C's) and merged these with more than 250 skill indicators to track children's development on a continuum.

Kipinä currently has preschools in 15 countries and our academic program is available in seven languages.