Kipinä - An Enhanced Finland Curriculum for a Modern World

Kipinä’s researched program was designed to merge play-based learning with structured outcomes that give kids a head start in school life. Our curriculum encompasses six core areas + innovation focusing on the; emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of each child.

Cognitive Development through Exploration and Play

Play and exploration provide a platform for supporting the development of children’s literacy and numeracy skills as well as capitalising on children’s natural curiosities and exuberance with the world around them. Early childhood is not only a period of amazing physical growth, it is also a time of remarkable mental development.

Relationships and Character Development

Kipinä supports every child’s social and emotional development in ways that allow each child to form positive relationships with others. In providing a safe and caring learning environment where a child’s sense of self is nurtured, opportunities for the development of one’s character is a natural progression and intended outcome of the program.


Children need numeracy skills to solve problems, make sense of time, numbers, patterns and shapes. Numerate Kipinä kids will develop confidence in making judgments or taking actions in all aspects of their daily lives through the ability to critically assess and reflect upon quantitative information. Providing our children with a strong numeracy foundation will allow for deeper explorations in mathematical thinking and concepts as the child enters into KG-12 school settings.

Physical Development and Wellness Awareness

An integrated focus on physical activity and wellness development through the Kipinä curriculum supports strong cognitive and physical development and produces high academic performance in children. Current brain research shows evidence that children who are physically active and lead healthy lifestyles are happier and able to advance more quickly developmentally than children who experience a more sedentary unhealthy lifestyle.

Cultural Awareness and Diversity

Kipinä seeks to provide an inclusive environment that celebrates the uniqueness of every child. In this caring environment, children will be nurtured to develop a deep understanding of the culture to which they belong, while instilling an appreciation and acceptance for the diversity of cultures that exist in our global society. Children will become socially responsible citizens sensitive to equitable and democratic practices that deepen their sense of cultural identity.

Literacy, Communication and Language

Children are active learners in the process of making meaning of the world that surrounds them. How they choose to communicate affects their identities and is influenced by language. Kipinä offers a socially and intellectually engaging environment where children’s communicative practices, languages, literacies and literate identities are valued and supported.

Innovation Built in

Our curriculum, the skills and learning outcomes, and all six domains, support 21st century skill development. Children build their abilities to innovate and problem solve – using the 4 C’s; Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration – through teacher questioning and activities every day!