Équipe certifiée et formée.
Transition facile vers l'école.
Faible ratio enfant/enseignant.
Programme interactif guidé.


Sûr, hygiénique et écologique.
Favorise l'imagination et la créativité.
Systèmes de vidéosurveillance et de contrôle de la sécurité.
Renforce la confiance et le caractère par le jeu.


Ouvert toute l'année.
Dépose tôt, reprise tard.
Infirmière diplômée sur place.
Application mobile gratuite.
Tarifs transparents.

Balanced Learning

Play-based, guided learning, with lots of physicality, dramatic play and imagination blended with one-on-one time in Focused Instruction and combined with 21st Century Skills, Executive Functioning Skills, numeracy and literacy means your child is prepared for entry into any big school.

Healthy Food

We think about diet and see this as the perfect age to encourage children to make healthy, life-affirming food choices. That means we have a no sugar policy and we also keep an eye on allergens. We provide healthy snacks and celebrate birthdays with fruit cakes.


We think about the planet, the environment, water, crops, animals and insects and we include eco-championing in all our domains to encourage children to re-use, re-purpose, recycle and respect.

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Meet our manager

Alina Syerik

Alina is delighted to share her 18 years of experience in the Middle
East as a professional Early Years Educator and UK Qualified
Nursery Manager. She has worked with young children for over two decades. Alina lived in the UAE  for twenty years and moved to Cairo two years ago.

"Early Years Development is my passion and indulgence. I love to
watch children grow and learn through being a part of their
learning. Playing is such a special and essential role in children's

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Giza – 6th. Of October City. El-hay El-Motamayez, Abdelmoneim Reyad St. (in front of “Water Tank”, next to “Mena Garden Compund”, behind “El-Motamayez Post Office”

Open Hours: 7.30am to 6pm
Ages: 12 months to 5 years