Certified Trained Team.
Easy transition into School.
Low Child to Teacher ratios.
Guided interactive program.


Safe, hygienic and eco-friendly.
Fosters imagination and creativity.
CCTV monitoring systems.
Builds confidence and character through play.


Open all year.
Early drop off, late pick up.
Dedicated onsite Nurse.
Free Mobile App.
Transparent fees.

Balanced Learning

Play-based, guided learning, with lots of physicality, dramatic play and imagination blended with one-on-one time in Focused Instruction and combined with 21st Century Skills, Executive Functioning Skills, numeracy and literacy means your child is prepared for entry into any big school.

Healthy Food

We think about diet and see this as the perfect age to encourage children to make healthy, life-affirming food choices. That means we have a no sugar policy and we also keep an eye on allergens. We provide healthy snacks and celebrate birthdays with fruit cakes.


We think about the planet, the environment, water, crops, animals and insects and we include eco-championing in all our domains to encourage children to re-use, re-purpose, recycle and respect.


Check what our parents say about us

We are very excited about the educational experience Genesis Kipinä has provided for our little boy who is now in his second year of kindergarten.

The activities are diverse, interesting and well thought out, really approaching the topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective and with creativity. We always look forward to the updates during the day to see the activities taking place in class, as well as the weekly agenda - very structured and rich in information.

We especially appreciate the dedication of the staff and the way they live the Kipinä values in all they do for our children. For us it was the best decision, we see the beautiful development of our little boy and are glad he is happily going to kindergarten.

Paula Angela Anghel

Anton’s mother, Green Seals

Since September, since Sara has been attending Genesis Kipinä Kindergarten, her progress and evolution are visible. We are pleasantly surprised by her enthusiasm to go to the grades, but also by how she spends her day there. She always talks to us with joy and contentment about every activity she does at the kindergarten, but also about every person she interacts with, from Miss Miki, the Nurse Lady, the caregivers, and the kitchen ladies. We are pleased with the quality and professionalism of the staff who are in charge of Sara every day. Miss Miki is very fond of Sara, she speaks and addresses the children with kindness and gentleness, her kind, gentle and patient way of being makes Sara feel safe, but also makes her forget that she is not at home with us.        

We should mention that due to the pandemic, when the children stayed at home more, Sara went to kindergarten less, and this created a stronger dependence and attachment to us parents.  

Joining the Genesis community was both for her and for us a change and a new beginning that soon proved to be beneficial and appropriate, and the time spent in kindergarten is reflected in Sara's behaviour and attitude, which are visibly improved and enriched with all sorts of beautiful and cute skills and abilities that define Sara and shape her for the school years to come. 

We would like to thank everyone involved.

Anna Leahu

Sara’s mother, Orange Squirrels

As first-time parents, we wanted a nursery where our daughter would feel loved and free to be herself while learning and discovering new things, and Kipinä-Genesis Nursery far exceeded our expectations. The entire team is attentive to the interests and needs of each child so this is the place our daughter always returns to with pleasure. The nursery space is one that encourages learning and exploration experiences through the way it has been laid out, providing distinct areas for different types of activities (library, space that stimulates imagination and role play, outdoor and indoor playground).

We particularly appreciate the focus on skill development through guided play/learning and the harmonious interweaving of educational, sporting and imaginative activities or English language learning. Over time we have noticed how our daughter has become more sociable, active, empathetic and interested in new activities.

We are very happy to have chosen Kipinä - Genesis Kindergarten and thank the whole team for their open communication, constant feedback and support and effort.

Alina Daniliuc

ILinca’s mother, Blue Owls

The substance of the Kipinä method I think best captured the expression my child uses in relation to the study/learning process: ''I had fun!''

From the perspective of the 6 areas of development, the results are remarkable, even for information that she was unable to assimilate at home or did not seem drawn to. The most important skills learned are a love of knowledge, the courage to test and more confidence in one's own strengths.

Andreea Gheorghe

Bianca’s mother, Orange Squirrels These are the first words that come to my mind when I think about how Rareș, who is not even 3 years old, has integrated into the Kipinä community. For him, the kindergarten was not a new place, he had already attended a neighbouring kindergarten for a few months, where Horia, his older brother, had insisted on going, just because it was also his kindergarten. Only that going to kindergarten did not necessarily seem to be his favourite thing in the world. Moreover, the afternoon nap threshold has hardly been crossed. Basically, he only went to kindergarten for not more than 3 hours.

Moreover, the old kindergarten closes its doors, forcing poor Rareș to go through another change. He came to kindergarten feeling quite nervous, even though Horia had already instructed him that he had nothing to worry about, that he was only a few steps away at the Genesis school in case he needed rescuing. It did not matter, as Horia had been the one who had sent him to the former kindergarten, which had not necessarily turned out well.

Warm...close...similar, not referring to the weather, distance or customs, but to Rareș’s feelings after only the first day. It was still a kindergarten, so he was told, but everything seemed to be to his taste, many people swarmed around him and all his feelings were understood. I cannot help but notice the Kipinä people and their ability to transform his previously mundane experience into one that awakens extremely pleasant feelings day after day.

Teodora Bițoiu

Rareș’s mother, Mini Bears

At Genesis Kipinä the children get lots of attention and affection from the staff with a calm and warm demeanor. The team shows experience and professionalism, understanding and a lot of patience towards the little ones. Aida is developing very well, her communication and behaviour are strongly influenced by the Kipinä principles.

Roxana Andreea Opriș

Aida’s mother, Mini Bears

We are delighted with the Kipinä method and our little boy's progress in kindergarten. We see how he learns new things every day, makes friends and we appreciate the great care taken by all the kindergarten staff.

Monica Panait

Tudor’s mother, Orange Squirrels

We are very pleased with how the girls have progressed, with the help of Genesis Kipinä staff, starting in September 2021. Among the aspects we appreciate most are: 

- the empathy, kindness and dedication of the educators

- the gentleness and care of the caregivers 

- diversity of activities

- the way in which some knowledge is introduced to them through play and fun activities

- exposure to many creative activities, which stimulate their curiosity and which they look forward to

- supporting independence by encouraging them to do things for themselves

- caring for a healthy lifestyle through movement and dedicated activities

- exposure to the English language in a child-friendly way (songs, books)

- attention to the emotional side and support in identifying emotions

- openness to discuss with parents the children's development, aspects observed during the course, how they interact and integrate, in order to ensure greater emotional comfort for the children in their kindergarten experiences

Cristina și Cătălin Fuioagă

Alma and Clara’s parents, Green Seals

Genesis Kipinä is the best kindergarten for my kid and our family, we love it so much! All the staff are professional, kind and helpful and they pay close attention to each child. They have a beautiful curriculum in which they learn about different and exciting things every day/week. I feel safe knowing my child is in good hands and enjoying his time daily.

Alina Elena Bulancea

George’s mother, Green Seals

We are already 2 years old since my little girl goes to Genesis Kipinä kindergarten. For me this means the certainty that my little girl is developing harmoniously in an excellent environment, both in terms of staff where I found values such as involvement, creativity, care, guidance and in terms of logistically (from the quality of the menu to the materials). I am convinced that all that Genesis Kipinä stands for successfully accompanies her in everything that is Anna's childhood.

All of this is quantifiable for me in Anna's well-being and development as well as in my peace of mind that when Anna is in kindergarten, day after day, she is surrounded by everything she needs and receives all the support she needs to safely take her first steps in life. Thank you all for what you do!

Rodica Priscu


My daughter, Laura, started kindergarten this year in September. From day one, Kipinä proved to be the best place I could’ve picked for her: all the teachers are kind, gentle and well prepared and the kids’ schedule is very well structured. In addition to this, the daily activities are diverse, helping the children develop their creativity. The kindergarten has many educational spaces, which my daughter loves to explore.

I also enjoy using the “Kipinä Parents” app. I check it daily to see what fun activities Laura did and also if she ate/slept. 

Cristina Adriana Mihai

Laura’s mother, Mini Bears

Meet our manager

Nicoleta Stancu

A passionate education specialist, Nicoleta has been working in the education field for 26 years. She has a Bachelor's degree in Management and a Bachelor's degree in Educational Sciences - the pedagogy of primary and preschool education.

"Children are at the center of the learning experience and through our educational program, we strive to create a lifelong love of learning in every child and also to develop creativity, courage, self-confidence, love, respect and the power to make the best choices in life.''

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