Teaching an Only Child to Share 

 April 10, 2023

By  Josh Baro

As a parent of an only child, you may be wondering how to teach your child the important skill of sharing. Sharing is an essential social skill, and it’s important for children to learn to share with others from an early age. Here are a few strategies for teaching your only child to share:

  1. Lead by example. Children learn by watching and imitating the adults around them, so make sure you’re modelling sharing behaviour yourself. When you’re playing with your child, offer to share toys and take turns. This will help your child understand what sharing looks like and why it’s important.
  2. Provide opportunities to share. Set up playdates with other children, and encourage your child to share toys and take turns. You can also play games that require sharing, such as board games or puzzles. This will give your child practice sharing with others in a structured and supportive environment.
  3. Praise sharing behaviour. When your child does share with others, make sure to praise them for their behaviour. Tell them how proud you are that they shared, and how it makes you happy to see them being kind to others. This will reinforce the positive behaviour and make it more likely that they’ll share again in the future.
  4. Encourage empathy. Sharing is often difficult for young children because they may not understand how their actions affect others. Help your child develop empathy by talking to them about how other people feel. When they see someone else upset or frustrated, ask them how they would feel in that situation and how they can help.
  5. Set clear expectations and consequences. Make sure your child knows what sharing looks like, and what will happen if they don’t share. Set clear expectations for sharing, and provide consistent consequences for not sharing. This will help your child understand the rules and the importance of sharing.

In conclusion, teaching an only child to share can be challenging, but it’s an important skill for their social and emotional development. By leading by example, providing opportunities to share, praising sharing behaviour, encouraging empathy, and setting clear expectations, you can help your child learn to share with others.

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