Certified Trained Team.
Easy transition into School.
Low Child to Teacher ratios.
Guided interactive program.


Safe, hygienic and eco-friendly.
Fosters imagination and creativity.
CCTV and safety monitoring systems.
Builds confidence and character through play.


Open all year.
Early drop off, late pick up.
Dedicated licensed onsite Nurse.
Free Mobile App.
Transparent fees.

Balanced Learning

Play-based, guided learning, with lots of physicality, dramatic play and imagination blended with one-on-one time in Focused Instruction and combined with 21st Century Skills, Executive Functioning Skills, numeracy and literacy means your child is prepared for entry into any big school.

Healthy Food

We think about diet and see this as the perfect age to encourage children to make healthy, life-affirming food choices. That means we have a no sugar policy and we also keep an eye on allergens. We provide healthy snacks and celebrate birthdays with fruit cakes.


We think about the planet, the environment, water, crops, animals and insects and we include eco-championing in all our domains to encourage children to re-use, re-purpose, recycle and respect.


Check what our parents say about us

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and care our son has
received while at Kipinä. Our son looks forward to going to school every day and enjoys talking about his school day when at home. The teachers are very creative and always have new activities to keep the children engaged and
active participants in learning. I'm grateful to have Kipinä as part of the community.

Damon Gene Layne

parent - bears 

Many relatives question us and do not believe about our decision of sending our baby to Kipinä because he is so young, almost 2 years old and in this country the idea of early care centres is new, but I have many friends in European countries and they all told me that sending babies from birth onwards is common and is effective in the development of the child. So despite the opinion of other people, we followed our decision and we never had any regrets because we can see that our son is happier and is growing well.

Ms. Em San Ousa

parent - bears 

We heard about the school from other friends and now we are recommending Kipinä to many of our friends. One thing we like about the school is the offering of three languages: English, Khmer and Chinese. Because as parents, one of our greatest worries is if our child can speak English while at the same time learn how to survive in Cambodia through survival Khmer. Now, he speaks English words and learns Khmer as well. 

Mr. Lee Fyu Yang & Ms. Pham Thi Thvy

parent - bears 

I am very happy to know that Kipinä accepts younger kids because it is not common in the country. Now, my daughter speaks a lot, I mean a lot lot of words and lately she uses this words to make sentences. She develops this skill by constant communication with her classmates and other kids here in school. And at school, she listens to teachers but at home, it is different, it is tough to make her listen because she is a bit playful.

Ms. Momupdola Khem

parent - bears 

I can definitely see my daughter continuing her studies here in Kipinä until she reached 6 years old. But where will my daughter go after Kipina? We worry about that because what we have now is such a good experience for our daughter. She has improved a lot and is now a happier child. She used to be shy but now we can see she grows to be more social and we are happy about it.

Ms. Bovid Luy

parent - owls

Back in China, there are many baby schools both private and public and most are even free but I did not take the risk to have my child in my home country. Sure, in China one of the strength in Early Care Centers are the offering of sports activity to strengthen the students physically but in Kipinä they do it all. They teach my son sports activity in a fun way and I can see that during the outdoor play with other kids. My son is an active boy and he needs to exude his energy in physical activities and I am happy that the school is giving him that activity but more to that they teach my son numbers, letters, stories, animals and many more which I really love. As a mother living in  a different country, one of my requests during the first week of my son is to have my son learn English words. Now, my son speaks a lot of English words. I am very happy about it.

Ms. Yao Li

parent - BEARS

I took too much time looking for a school in Sihanoukville. I visited and inspected, the same way I did when I came here. I asked a lot of questions and returned not once but thrice to make sure that the school is a good suit for my only child. When I visited Kipinä, I am very happy. The environment is good and clean and very child friendly. As a father I want my child to have many friends at school because this is one way of developing her social skill which will lead her strengthen her emotional skill. And I am happy that I am seeing it in school. Social and emotional wellness are two of the most important factors I, as a father, am looking forward to develop in my daughter and Kipinä is a good partner in this journey. Aside from this, I am very happy that the school trains the children to drink water and allow children to eat more. Drinking water for us is very important.

Mr. Phearun Chin

Parent - bears

We have many good reasons why we are happy having our daughter here in school. She started talking a lot, which is actually our main worry before because we thought that she does not talk much as other kids her age. But everything changed when we started putting her in Kipinä. She goes home full of stories, brings the school routine at home which we gladly participated and she always want to go to school even on weekends. We are very happy to a point where we worry if we can find a school as good as Kipinä after attending the last class level which is squirrel.

Ms. Sronthy Y Nin

Parent - bears

Meet our manager

Thean Pao Lo

Mr. Thean Pao Lor is a graduate of Bachelors Degree in Business Logistic and Supply Chain Management at the University of Dublin.

He also took his Diploma Program in Business Management and a certification course program in Early Years Care and Education at Asian College of Teachers.

Mr. Lor has years of experience in the business industry and has decided to
expand his expertise in education sector. In the year 2022, he started building his dream of helping develop the education system of his country, specifically in the city of Sihanoukville. This give rise to the opening of Kipina Preschool Sihanoukville, a dream come true for Mr. Lor.

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Open Hours: 7am to 4pm
Ages: 4 months to 6 years