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Seeking Franchise Partners Worldwide

Early childhood education reimagined. The best place to start is the Finnish!

Accelerated Learning

Children learn at a faster pace.
Guided interactive program 1 to 6 years.
Easy transition into K-12 education

Inspiring, Nurturing Environment

Builds confidence and character through play.
Fosters imagination and creativity.
Safe, hygienic and eco-friendly.

Support for Parents

Early drop off, late pick up.
Open all year.
Transparent fees, with no extras.

Make a Difference - Open a Kipina Preschool

The best place to start is the Finnish!

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We believe strongly that Kipina is a long-awaited revolution in early childhood education. We’ve documented every system and procedure. We’ve created lesson plans for all stages and ages. We’ve made custom preschool management software to automate most of the annoying daily grind leaving staff to focus on the kids
While we are still opening new preschools in the UAE (that we own and operate), we are now looking for like-minded organisations and social entrepreneurs who want to make a positive contribution to their communities and run a successful respected business anywhere in the world.
Education is a great investment, financially, morally, and socially. Think about it …

  1. Education is a recession resistant business.
  2. Expected annual returns exceed 30% for a good preschool.
  3. A cash in advance business with no bad debts and easy cash-flow management
  4. No academic experience required to set up or manage the business.
  5. Make a respectable contribution to society while being an entrepreneur.
  6. Children can progress from 4 months old to 6 years old – great customer retention.
  7. Supporting parents and children is a very fulfilling lifestyle.
  8. Preschools are needed in all residential communities, and even in large workplaces
  9. With a good franchise you get great systems that work, start-up help, and ongoing support along with regular upgrades to the systems, the curriculum and the programs.

You don’t have to do it alone.

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We’ve done the hard work; the specialist education research, developed the curriculum, lesson plans and academic structure; the design, fit-out, style guides; the marketing, advertising and PR templates; developed the additional income streams through enrichment programs, summer and winter camps; designed the management software and mobile apps; institutionalised training of teachers, and so much more.

Last time we counted there were dozens of ways we help franchisees get started and make a successful business. Here’s an overview of the ten key areas:

  1. Academic Program (Curriculum, Lesson Plans for every day of the year)
  2. Employee Documents and Policies (handbook, contracts, policies, templates)
  3. Admissions (guide, registrations, strategy, competitive analysis)
  4. Operational Documents and Templates (everything from HR, Digital Storage, Emergency plans)
  5. Preschool Management Software (all you will ever need to lighten the admin side)
  6. Parent mobile app
  7. Teacher app that tarcks child progress
  8. PR & Marketing (online resources with templates for campaigns and ads that you can edit)
  9. Website and Email services (website hosting, backup, SEO and email admin)
  10. Design & Equipment (floorpans, layouts, evacuation charts, detailed procurement for furniture and fit out)

Spirit, tenacity, and commitment are the most important attributes. We look for people with a positive outlook who want to change the (education) world and make a major contribution to their communities. The kind of people who like to make money, but like to sleep well at night knowing that they are doing something that will benefit generations to come.

But owning a business takes more than spirit. There will be ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Days when things go wrong, when teachers quit, when kids are sick, when bureaucracy seems a little crazy. So tenacity is important. It can often be the most important thing, because with enough perseverance, owning a profitable preschool is easily achievable, but it takes time.

And consistency – with a commitment to following programs, using templates, being transparent and sharing information for the benefit of all licensees.

As you can see, we look for personal attributes. Your management or professional background is less important, as is your own academic background (unless you plan to teach of course). Because with our training, support, systems and audits, we can help people with the right attitude succeed.

Obviously you need access to capital to get started. The amount can vary a lot depending on which city and country you plan to open your Kipina preschool in. But as a rule of thumb you will need approximately $200,000 to $300,000 to open a preschool that can look after around 70-100 kids.

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If you prefer to leave the experts do the work we can provide full start-up and turn key consultancy services through our sister company, giving you as much or as little help as you need; from managing construction or renovation, to hiring key staff, to running your first intake to make sure you get off to a great start.



Finally, a new approach for a new century


Kipina ‘s researched program was designed to merge play-based learning with structured outcomes that give kids a head start in school life. The curriculum encompasses six core areas that focus on the; emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of each child.

  • Cognitive Development through Exploration and Play
  • Relationships and Character Development
  • Physical Development and Wellness Awareness
  • Literacy, Communication, and Language
  • Numeracy
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity

Being a program, children aged 3 and 4 must attend 5 days (or mornings) a week, while babies and toddlers have a more flexible schedule.


The story of the mouse that roared

12742167_10206006631146672_5884121662826054683_nIt’s a fact – Finland rates as one of the best education systems in the world.  Educators know it, but parents are often surprised to find out.  In PISA scores Finland consistently performs better than all European countries (including the UK), and the United States. So they must be doing something right, right?

Kipina takes the best of what Finland has to offer, and improves it even further with up-to-the-minute teaching practices based on scientific evidence that  learning begins at birth. And children learn best through play. But not unguided play. Play that is structured towards learning outcomes to make it easy for kids to transition into K1 and K2. Children learn best when they don’t even know they’re learning!
We do not drum the kids into silence, require them to march and sit in rows, wear uniforms, teach them to keep their eyes on the teachers at all times, or require that they are college-and-career-ready from the age of two.  They’re kids. There will be plenty of time for that. Our focus is on creating a lifelong love of learning, curiosity, thoughtfulness and confidence – in a loving, clean and safe environment, where every child has a name and is cherished for the joy he or she brings to us.



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Choosing Kipina was one of the easiest tasks we’ve ever done for our daughter. And we’re the kind of parents who spend countless hours surfing the Internet, compiling lists of pros and cons, and taking numerous days off work to take tours at potential nurseries for our daughter. The decision was made easily to send our daughter, Hala to Kipina.
They have a guided educational system built around Finland’s success story, exceptional management, and some of the finest and most passionate teachers and teaching assistants we’ve ever met!

At Kipina, we found the support that we needed for Hala – both management and teachers worked closely with us for as long as it took to make the transition possible. Now, Hala is living in her wonderland 🙂 a true inspirational and motivational environment where children learn about the world around them! We receive weekly schedules on Sundays updating us on what the next 5 days will bring. This is a detailed table for every activity and its expected outcome for each child. Kipina has a very intentional approach for teaching, yet spontaneity is felt and encouraged throughout the day. From building a city out of cardboard boxes to meeting Mr. fireman and his cool truck to the Book Fair experience and her first Halloween party, Hala experiences new adventures every day at Kipina and she’s not short of vocabularies (that she learned at the nursery) to describe them! On top of that, Kipina offers Arabic, Music and Enrichment classes soon where you can sign up your child for Karate, Yoga and Ball Skills.

Fulham & Hana Swaidan
February 28, 2016

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