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Featuring an international Finnish curriculum, blending play and guided learning

Give your child an awesome preschool experience full of play, joy and loving care.

Get measurable outcomes from our Enhanced Finland & Focused Instruction approach.


Certified Trained Team.
Easy transition into School.
Low Child to Teacher ratios.
Guided interactive program.


Safe, hygienic and eco-friendly.
Fosters imagination and creativity.
CCTV and safety monitoring systems.
Builds confidence and character through play.


Open all year.
Early drop off, late pick up.
Dedicated licensed onsite Nurse.
Free Mobile App.
Transparent fees.

Scaffolded Age-Specific Curricula

Natural structured learning guided by expertly trained and certified teachers

Birth to 12 months

Babies are guided using the latest research and the 'serve and return' model of interacting with quality caregivers to build communication skills and vocabulary. They also spend plenty of time strengthening their core muscles through tummy time, sitting on laps reading books, or engaging in sensory activities, leading to increased sensory-motor integration for things like crawling, standing, and ultimately walking. Teachers are guiding children through 25 developmental skills across our 6 domains and tracking over 110 skill indicators through our teacher application.

1 to 2 years

Young toddlers are guided in the social and emotional skills they need to develop in order to control themselves, be independent, and begin to work with others. They are immersed in fun play-based activities to prime them for later literacy and numeracy skill development. Teachers are guiding the young toddlers through 24 developmental skills across our 6 domains and tracking around 70 skill indicators through our teacher application.

2 to 3 years

Toddlers are guided in the relationship and character development skills they need in order to communicate and collaborate with others. These types of learning readiness skills and fine motors skills are precursors to children's abilities to read and write. Teachers are guiding the toddlers through 24 skills across our 6 domains and tracking over 90 skill indicators through our teacher application.

3 to 4 years

Older toddlers continue to work on their soft skills while also being guided in the academic skills they will need to start reading, writing, and increase their vocabulary. Teachers are guiding the older toddlers through nearly 50 skills across our 6 domains and tracking nearly 200 skill indicators.

4 to 5 years

Children continue to be guided in the executive functioning skills they need to be able to complete tasks all while learning through hands-on and engaging activities. Big school preparedness is emphasised. Teachers are guiding the children through nearly 50 skills across our 6 domains and tracking nearly 260 skill indicators.

5 to 6 years

Children are guided in the literacy and numeracy skills they need for big school all while building 21st-century skills like communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Teachers are guiding the children through nearly 50 skills across our 6 domains and tracking around 240 skill indicators.

Follow your child's activities every day in real time with our instant feed direct to your mobile phone.

Track your child's learning journey with measurable skillsets for all ages 04 months to 6 years.

 #1 Enhanced Finland kindergarten curriculum and program designed, developed and tested in more than 15 countries with kids from over 100 nationalities 

Our Professional Memberships


OMEP is an international non–governmental and non-profit organisation with Consultative Status at the United Nations and UNESCO.


The Early Years Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England.


With UN consultative status, CE International provides input on key education proposals, universal charters, and global goals.

Fun, Guided Learning

Our Partners


Moomin is Finland’s equivalent to Disney or Pixar. We use the proven Moomin language app to support children who are learning English as a second language. Ever wondered why Finns speak English so fluently?

Häme University Finland

All our teachers complete professional development training programs at our university partner, Hamk (Finland) and are certified in Finnish pedagogy by the university.


We embrace the healthy Nordic lifestyle by providing structured play-based movement activities and ready-to-use skill-focused lesson plans designed by Finnish experts.

Corporate News

Second Kipinä Preschool in Bucharest Announced

Our partners in Bucharest, Genesis, successfully launched the first Kipinä campus there in 2021, despite Covid hitting Romania pretty hard. That campus will soon be fully subscribed and Genesis has secured a massive 1200m2 building with plans to renovate it and launch Campus #2 in the densely populated and upmarket area between Parc Basilescu and

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Kipinä’s Finland Preschool Model grows at Warp Speed in Indonesia

With Kipinä’s purpose built Serpong and Kelapa Gading campuses already fully subscribed, two new campuses opened in Kemang and Bekasi. Less than a year after opening work will soon begin on a new extension to the Serpong campus, adding capacity for another 100+ children. Meanwhile, with the Kelapa Gading campus (which was our first in

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Kipinä’s Finland Preschool Model Opens in Cambodia

Renovation work has started on our first Kipinä preschool in Cambodia. This exciting transformation will be completed in October 2022 with the school having a soft opening in November 2022 before the full term start in January 2023. Teachers are currently undergoing certified training through Häme University, Finland. The new campus will have capacity for

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